Together, the right business partners can achieve success. This is also proved by our experience with the companies and IT experts in Romania. All partners maintain their organizational independence, their specific nature and, of course, their responsibilities, but the outcome of these collaborations is much more than the sum of individual results. Our customers benefit from the fact that we only put them in touch with the best, according to the slogan “We connect the Best IT”.

OTIS Consulting has close connections with approximately 50 Romanian companies active in the field of information technology and telecommunications. Most of them have been set up since the year 2000. Their owners and managers often have extensive experience acquired abroad.  This knowledge extends over various IT technologies, from Java, ABAP, PHP, to Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things. Their know-how also includes  web and mobile developments, ERP software, dynamic and embedded software from SAP, Oracle and Microsoft, testing services, AMS for standard and customized applications, as well as support – and call centres.

In addition to specific IT skills, many employees have industry-specific experience and remarkable business, language and communication skills. They work in attractive, competitive conditions. Many of the companies have their offices in one of Romania’s six most important informatics centres: Bucharest, Cluj, Iași, Brașov, Timișoara and Sibiu, where there is excellent information technology infrastructure. These IT centres offer a standard of living comparable with that in most major European states, including numerous opportunities for cultural and other leisure-time activities.