Mergers & Acquisitions

OTIS Consulting begins applying its IT expertise and its experience accumulated in Romania right from the preliminary stages of merger & acquisition processes. From a multitude of interesting candidates we identify suitable companies, subject them to a benchmarking analysis and classify them according to criteria established in advance by mutual agreement.

The specialized auditors and consultants conduct the Due Diligence only after this. The results of the analysis are included in the assessment and are taken into account in determining the price. Particularly in Romania, numerous subjective factors are of relevance for merger & acquisition processes. Thus, in addition to the quality of the management, the local authorities and the regional networks have a significant influence upon the process.

Company mergers and acquisitions ensure competitiveness, market position, turnover, and growth of the company itself. Rapid growth can often only be obtained in the short term by making external acquisitions. The mergers & acquisitions process is followed by integration and the further development of the business, or its resale for profit.