Staffing Agency

In the DACH region there is an acute shortage of management and specialists in the IT field. OTIS Consulting covers this gap with IT specialists from Romania. They benefit from excellent technical and IT trainings, are highly motivated and have a valuable IT experience and coding skills from an early age.

During the 18+ years of experience in the field, we have met numerous people who have talent, commitment and a true passion for IT. We accompanied and promoted many of them to various positions. We provide our customers with over 10,000 specialists from our constantly updated database. The talents we recommend are carefully selected after detailed interviews.

The success of our customers is also our success. Our mission is to find those IT specialists to provide the perfect setting for them and their employer. Innovative companies that focus on technology gain through IT services not only an advantage over the competition, but also increase their potential which leads to business growth.

Ideas of creative young people, passionate about computer science can unleash tomorrow major transformations. And OTIS Consulting is a reliable partner for companies who need talents capable of innovation and growth.

Are you looking for talents in the IT field in Romania? Contact us, we can help you.