Operator Models

A special form of cooperation in the IT field is the BOT (Built, Operated, Transfer) contract type that OTIS Consulting initiates.

How does a BOT contract work?

The beneficiary company assigns certain IT services to a Romanian IT service provider. It first takes over the respective IT services and then operates them on its own. After a certain period, the services can be returned to the company.

Who is the BOT contract recommended for?

We recommend this model:

  • as a first step towards a Joint Venture or towards building your own company with lower risks.
  • if a company wants to invest less, thus only bearing the costs of the IT services received
  • when it is desired to cover, through BOT, the basic need for IT services, thus relieving the workload in their own IT departments
  • in case of special business and IT processes, without affecting in any way the current activity of the organization.

The reasons that lead to a BOT do not play a decisive role. However, there should be a common understanding of objectives, services, deadlines and costs. The success of a BOT depends largely on the management of the service provider. The attractiveness is also given by the favorable legislative framework conditions, by highly qualified IT specialists and knowledge of foreign languages ​​as well as by the cultural proximity.

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