Operator Models

A special form of cooperation in the field of IT is BOT (build–operate–transfer), which we initiate. In this model, the beneficiary company assigns particular IT services to a Romanian provider. The latter first takes over the respective IT services, develops them and operates them independently. After a certain period of time, the services may be returned to the company.

We also recommend this model to companies as a first step towards a Joint Venture or a lower-risk way of creating an independent company.  Others prefer BOT because they want to invest less, and this way they only bear the costs for the IT services received. Some companies cover their basic IT services requirements using BOT, thus lightening the load of their own IT departments. Others use it to develop special business and IT processes without negatively affecting the company’s daily activities.

The motivations behind the choice of a BOT model are not decisive. However, there should be a joint understanding of the objectives, services, terms and costs. A BOT venture’s success largely depends on the management of the service provider. The attractiveness is also increased by favourable framework conditions, highly qualified IT specialists who speak foreign languages, and cultural closeness.