Nearshore IT-Outsourcing

Organizations that have the potential to manage information technology flexibly are prepared for any challenge, and nearshore IT-outsourcing is an established procedure for achieving this. Companies can improve the quality of their services and save money, while at the same time enhancing controllability, scalability and their capacity for IT system innovation.

The successful outsourcing of IT to Romania depends decisively on its efficient implementation. Our established processes constitute the basis for successful outsourcing. As a result of our experience and know-how accumulated over the years, we can select the right outsourcing partners.  Moreover, OTIS Consulting mediates during both the design of the contract and the transitional stage.

Sometimes, the outsourced IT services will later return to their own company. This insourcing usually progresses smoothly, provided the partners have agreed upon this option in advance. For instance, the company takes over the complete infrastructure, the experienced IT team and the IT service package from the provider of outsourced services, running them itself from then on.