Setting Up a Company

Those who plan to set up a company in Romania often want to make the most of the skilled, yet less expensive workforce or to reduce their tax burden. Others are drawn to the largest market – with respect to population – in southeastern Europe or to its extensive and diverse cultural, mineral and natural resources. The country is also particularly attractive owing to its geographical position, with Western and Central Europe on one side and Asia on the other.

For the IT industry, the aspect that counts most is this: young, motivated and skilled IT specialists with a good command of foreign languages. They have experience in a variety of functions, and they work with multifarious operating systems, applications and networks.  They exhibit mastery of current security and storage systems, numerous programming languages and cloud services. Skill in data banks, ERP, CMSs, and PLCs are also sought-after qualifications.

Many of the steps needed to establish a company in Romania correspond to current practice, while others confront those planning a start-up with great problems. OTIS Consulting provides advice and assistance with this as well. However, even before these procedures begin, we investigate options for office location and infrastructure. We also provide help in the search for IT specialists, other specialized staff and general employees. Moreover, we make contact with potential suppliers, business partners, and the local and regional authorities.