Our Philosophy

From its beginnings in 2003, OTIS Consulting has consistently aimed to combine the best of the European IT worlds. Thus, the demand for specialized IT services in Central and Western Europe and the large quantity of varied IT offers from Romania can be matched up more rapidly and more efficiently.

OTIS stands for Outsourcing, Telecommunication, Information Technology and Sales. However, with the customers’ increasing requirements, our consulting and services company has extended its range of services. We also identify the best Romanian nearshoring partners for outsourcing and its specific requirements, and we provide extended and long-term assistance to our customers.

To this end, in addition to technological knowledge, attuned to the specific nature of the country, we also place emphasis on the development of optimal solutions using advisory, solution-oriented and creative competence.

“We Connect the Best IT” means, on the one hand, the service that corresponds to the customer’s concrete requirements – from the customer’s perspective. The path towards this objective is marked by discretion, objectivity and independence. On the other hand, our promise also means connecting enterprises with IT requirements with the resources of the best in the field.